Frequently Asked Questions

How does the process work?

Each project begins with the initial contact.

Send us an email or call and tell us a little about your project.

Then, we’ll arrange a site visit.

There, we’ll continue the conversation about what you hope to accomplish, the look and feel you’re after, and the obstacles in our way.  It’s beneficial at this time to start talking about the budget.  When we leave your site, we’ll get to work on a proposal, and it will be easier to focus our efforts if we’ve discussed your budget.

The next step depends on the size and scope of your project and our involvement in it.  We will either present you with a design or a simple cost and scheduling proposal.  We’ll have a clear discussion about costs and approaches to the work.

Once construction begins, we’ll be hard at work making your project a reality.  Some people like to be on-site while we work, some like to schedule the project while they’re away.  What works best for you?

What do you do in the winter?

We work year-round.  With the proper preparation and attention to detail, most exterior projects can be done even in the winter.

Sounds crazy.  Feels kind of crazy too sometimes.

While cold and snow do present certain challenges – many people prefer having us on their property in the winter for larger projects so they can enjoy those spaces without us in the warmer months.

We do interior work year-round.  We’ll probably try to talk you into putting a nice warm shower or backsplash off until winter, but we can do it anytime.

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