We hope the images on this website give you insight into our tastes for stone and tile. We’ll incorporate our sensibilities with yours as we collaborate on a design for a stone or tile project.

We like stonework that serves a purpose and feels natural to a site. We like tile work that exists in harmony with the rest of your home.

We offer consulting services for any stage of a stone or tile project. We can source materials and advise on best practices. We’ll put our knowledge and experience to use to provide project solutions.

“What’s the best way to move water around my site?”

“Should my wall be mortared or dry laid?”

“Is my shower waterproofed correctly?”

“Why is my grout cracking?”

Please contact us with your questions and to discuss consulting fees.

Whether putting into action a design we’ve helped create or following a plan you’ve provided – let’s build something.

With a small, versatile crew, we can handle jobs of varying complexity. We utilize appropriate machinery and heavy equipment when it’s efficient.

We get out hands dirty when a site requires a bit more delicacy.

Here are some of the things we build:





Stone stairs


Tiled floors


Outdoor showers

Concrete pavers

Sea walls

Stone veneer

Accent stones

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